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Embodying Loss Symposium video

A wonderful video of the Embodying Loss Symposium organised by the Centre of Arts Therapies Research – University of Roehampton. Silent Stories was performed by Tasha Colbert in a specially re-worked solo drawing from De Mentis.



Silent Story solo deriving from De Mentis (Silent Stories I, II and III) will be performed at the Embodying Loss Symposium by De Mentis performer Tasha Colbert. The solo,  based on the ‘Story of E’, has been specifically re-worked for the Symposium.

The Symposium blog states: The aim of the one-day symposium is to foster conversations about how we experience profound loss, how we attend to it in our bodies, how we think about our own losses and how we work with others’. Loss will be seen broadly, to include, for example, the loss of a loved one, or the loss of aspect of self through illness, or the loss of body/brain capacity. The day will include a blend of interdisciplinary presentations, performances and film screenings across the boundaries of artistic, medical and therapeutic approaches.

For full details of the Symposium and to book a place visit Online Store Roehampton.

The following feedback was given to us in written form following the performance either through a comments book or by email.


Congratulations on a wonderful performance. It was very touching and a pleasure to watch.


Thank you for a powerful and moving performance. Both painful and wonderful to watch.


A very moving performance – every aspect of it was exquisite. It captured the essence of isolation beautifully.


Very moving. Beautiful performance well done.


Very impressive performance. I enjoyed myself very much.


My first experience of any sort of dance, and I enjoyed it. Poignant.


Some excellent duet work, in particular the tango duet and the phrase between the dancer in grey and the chair. The section with all the dancers using levels at the end of the piece on and off the chairs was really enjoyable to watch. Great use of the wall – almost a Pina Bausch moment!


I found the performance very moving and a good interpretation / reflection of peoples’ lives with Dementia. Well done.


Thank you for a most moving evening! It was an extraordinary performance and I was completely transported into the world of the elderly and dementia. Every so often I found that I was reminding myself that you were young performers who were embodying the strange behaviours of the elderly mentally ill, with such subtle accuracy, and not the actual elderly themselves. And the symbolism was unbelievably powerful and moving….the image of the precious empty suitcase and many photographs will stay with me for a very long time as it holds so much of the totality of the experience. Each performer in his/her own way conveyed something so real and the duet vignettes and group sequences were sometimes touching, sometimes very scary, sometimes hopeful and sometimes overwhelmingly distressing. You all did an amazing piece of work……many, many thanks for sharing this experience!

Tonight at 6.30 pm

Last chance to see De Mentis at Chisenhale Dance Space. The online box office is now closed but tickets will be available at the door at £8. Join us for drinks at the Victoria pub on Grove Road after the performance from 8.30pm for a chance to meet the artists and share your reflections.

Audience feedback so far….

Congratulations!   It was a moving experience last night…The embodiment of beauty, emotion and humanity.

I was left with a warm feeling.

An emptiness that was intense and meaningful.

When the dancers came together at the end I thought I was going to burst out crying.

It was so natural I almost forgot it was a dance show.

Very cleverly done…never a dull moment.

I could see the dancer’s stories in the performance…it was reassuring to know that they were really processing the material and not just ‘putting it on’.

The words were beautiful…not too much not too little and I loved the poem at the end.

It was very touching…my mother died of Alzheimer’s.

Very sensitively done and I could see it was a lived experience from choreography to performance.

You should open it to a bigger audience.

There was so much going on that it became too much to process…then I realised that this is what happens in reality in a setting like this and made me think about what we choose to see.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday performance

Last chance to purchase your tickets online for our second and final show of De Mentis at Chisenhale Dance Space. Book here!

Our online box office will close tomorrow am and tickets will only be available at the door at £8.  If you are buying tickets at the door please arrive early to avoid disappointment.


6.30pm  Exhibition

7pm Performance

8pm Finish

For an opportunity to meet the artists and share your thoughts about the work you are welcome to join us for drinks at the Victoria pub on Grove Road from 8.30pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

De Mentis first show tonight!

Our online box office is now closed. Tickets for tonight’s performance are available at the door at £8. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

You can still book online for the Sunday show here


A taster…


See you there!